Bird hunter gets trapped on rocky cliffside trying to rescue dog, Nevada rescuers say

A bird hunter found himself in a “precarious position” when he tried to rescue his trapped dog from a steep cliffside, Nevada rescuers said.

The retired firefighter was hunting for chukar with his dog Sunday, Jan. 14, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Hasty Team said in a Facebook post.

The chukar is a game bird that is known to live in steep and grassy rock outcroppings, according to wildlife officials.

The man’s dog ended up becoming stuck on the rocky cliffside, so he tried to rescue the animal, rescuers said.

That’s when he also became trapped on the 80-foot tall rock face and needed help.

Rescuers said the two were 50 feet down the jagged cliffside, so one rescuer reached the hunter and gave him a helmet to protect his head from rockfall.

Then rescuers used a rope system to put the dog in a harness and lower it to safety, the rescue team said.

The man also used the rope system and was lowered to the ground.

“A relatively straightforward call for Hasty Team members, made much easier by the hunter making the wise decision to call for help instead of trying to climb down from a precarious position alone,” the team said in the post.

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