Billy Bush Spars With Sugar Ray Leonard; Billy To Boxing Great: 'I Could Take You'

Billy Bush Spars With Sugar Ray Leonard; Billy To Boxing Great: 'I Could Take You'

In this corner we have boxing legend and former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Sugar Ray Leonard and in the other, Access Hollywood Live's Billy Bush... ding, ding!

On Thursday's Access Hollywood Live's, Billy challenged the boxing great and author of "The Big Fight" to go a round on our stage.

PLAY IT NOW: Access Hollywood Live: Billy Bush Spars With Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard!

"You've lost some weight, you've lost more weight now, so maybe it's the book tour or whatever. I really believe it, I believe I could take you right now, I'm just saying," Billy told Sugar Ray. "I'm like 180. What are you like a 150? I mean I could take you."

"Let's say 140, I'm saying for you, 140, for your mind," a calm, cool and soft-spoken Sugar Ray said.

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(Watch Sugar Ray and Billy go a round, HERE!)

Luckily for Billy and the Access Hollywood Live makeup crew, their match ended in a hug.

"Literally if you wanted to, how quickly could you knock me out?" Billy asked.

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"Before you realized you were knocked you out," Sugar Ray said with a laugh.

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