Billie Eilish surprises fans with acoustic set after bad weather forces Mexico gig cancellation

Stock picture of Billie Eilish   (AFP via Getty Images)
Stock picture of Billie Eilish (AFP via Getty Images)
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Billie Eilish treated fans to an impromptu acoustic set after her concert was cancelled in Mexico due to a rainstorm on Wednesday night.

Concertgoers were left battling the elements as they queued up to see the Grammy winner perform at Mexico City’s Foro Sol stadium.

Despite her attempts to keep the show on the road, Eilish was told it “wasn’t safe” for her or her fans to go ahead with the planned concert so came up with a compromise.

Appearing on stage in front of her fans, the American star begins: “Man, what a night huh? So, I can’t do a show and I mean, did you see that storm? Jesus Christ!”

The Bad Guy hitmaker added that stadium executives told her the show couldn’t go ahead due to the adverse weather conditions and was asked to leave.

However, Eilish insisted she wanted to perform something for her fans after they had been standing out in the storm waiting for her.

She continued: “I’ve been sitting backstage; I’ve been sitting waiting wondering when I can go see them? When can I go out there? I could hear you the whole time.

“They came to me and said I can’t do the show and they were like, ‘you got to leave, and they got to go home’.

“And I was like, ‘No’ so I thought it was stupid of me to leave and not come out here saying, ‘thank you for being here and standing here in the f**king pouring rain’.”

To show her appreciation, the singer then asked the crowd whether they’d be open to her and her brother Finneas playing several acoustic songs as they’re equipment wasn’t working.

“I thought, if it was, OK? It’s not a lot but if you’re down with me and Finneas singing 5 acoustic songs or something,” she added.

“So, it’s not a show, I can’t do a show, nothing is working and they won’t let me, it’s not safe for me, it’s not safe for you but I have to give you something so I’m just going to sing you a couple songs.”

The video, which was shared to Twitter account Pop Base, has since gone viral and been viewed over 420,000 times, with many praising her for still performing.

One fan commented: “She’s real for giving at least something” while another remarked: “Queen still gave us a performance. we love billie”.

Elsewhere, some of those in attendance revealed the extent of the storm and explained how they were forced to take shelter until it passed.

One fan penned: “Guys I was there we all looked like we just took a shower with hail. There was literally a thunderstorm and the few of us that were there we were taking cover until the storm passed.”

“It was awful, there was a huge hailstorm which made things even worse,” another wrote alongside a video that showed a section of the flooded stadium.

A third commented under the video: “I was there… we were stuck in the bathroom for 2 hours just waiting on the storm to pass”.

At the end of her set, Eilish promised to reschedule the concert and asked fans to hold onto their tickets until they can confirm a new date.