Bill Shaw fund: Fayetteville and beyond have come together to raise more than $26,000 so far

The Salvation Army on Alexander Street uses money from the Bill Shaw Christmas fund to help pay for white flag nights, when it opens its shelter to homeless residents looking to get out of the cold.
The Salvation Army on Alexander Street uses money from the Bill Shaw Christmas fund to help pay for white flag nights, when it opens its shelter to homeless residents looking to get out of the cold.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect that there will not be a banquet Saturday night.

We have some incredibly generous people living in this community. Want proof? Look no further than the more than $26,000 in donations raised this week for the Bill Shaw Salvation Army Christmas Fund.

The good folks at the Salvation Army of the Sandhills appreciate your generosity because it allows them to continue their work yearlong.

Some of that good work comes from Terri Clark, who is seeking a degree in social work and divinity and reached out to the Salvation Army about starting a Bible study and fellowship group with people in the shelter.

Within just a few weeks, says Maj. Tim Grider of the Salvation Army, Clark had 15 to 25 people attending the 7 p.m. Wednesday meetings.

Soon after that, people of other faiths began attending the meetings, as well.

"This created a very unique religious and spiritual atmosphere that began to encourage all who attended," Grider says.

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Here’s this week's list of donors. You are all appreciated by those who will be helped and by the organizers of the fund.

Write your tax-deductible check to the Bill Shaw Salvation Army Christmas Fund and mail it to the Salvation Army, P.O. Box 110, Fayetteville, NC, 28302, or drop it off between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Salvation Army, 220 E. Russell St., Fayetteville, NC, 28301. You can also donate online at

James Lampros, $100 in memory of John and Virginia LamprosSarah H. Baucom, $150 in memory of Ransom BaucomMichael Monk, $100Ann Buie, $50James Hutchings, $20Judith Bunce, $500Audrey Southerland, $100Keith Carter, $35Lawrence Mccue, $25Celester Bullard, $10Nancy Walters, $15Honey Paoni, $100Patricia Hedgpeth, $35Leon Mclean, $15Frances Kuchen, $50Millard Price, $150Dorothy Hughes, $50Joan H. Garner, $70Myra Bodenhamer, $20Barbara Ursich, $100Bonnie McGrady, $100Johnny Boyles, $100Yvonne Bethea, $45Phyllis M. Reaves, $100Douglas S. McFarlene, $50Delapa Household, $75Strickland Family Foundation Inc., $500Alexander Folson Jr., $50Wade and Daina Byrd, $500Alberta Monroe, $25H&D Lawnmower Services Inc., $20Jeffrey Wren, $100Brenda Thompson, $20Helen Jackson, $100Judy Owivri, $5Sandra Tucker, $100Elizabeth Glover Ray, $30Laura Figures, $50Annie King, $25Royanna Simmons, $50Fayetteville German Club, $50Melba Walker, $100Patsi W. D'Alpe, $10Wendell Jackson, $35Mrs. Coteel Williams, $10Hattie Hayes, $100Joycelyn Wiltz, $20Mary Utley, $20Joel Jenkins Jr., $100William Fackler Jr., $50Irma Laird, $100Betty Ralston, $100Peter O'Toole, $25Nick Sojka, $150Julius Tucker, $35Jerry and Laura Johnson, $100Mack Lovin, $50Jean Newton, $200Mitchell Mckellar, $20Sue Thomas, $125Neill Mcleod, $50Betsey Dittmar, $25Edmeston Woodley, $20Joann McDuffie, $10John Hudson, $25Evelyn Blanton, $3,000Donna Phillips, $20Moses Y. Kumi, $300Chalmers McDougald, $50June Lay, $10Jimmy Lassiter, $20Frank Hunt, $100Gary Scull, $100Joann Ray, $100Doug Browning, $20Mary Rambert, $50Rosemary West, $25Margaret Herder-Powery, $50Betty Mullins, $30Mr. and Mrs. John Foley, $100Bernard Ward, $100Stanley Williams, $20Joseph Nelson Hawkins, $10Mike and Edith Outlaw, $100Terry Shaw, $100Warren O'Brien, $100Ava Johnson, $20Charles Owens, $10Lyndo and Lou Tippett, $200Phillip Sorie, $10Mercedes McBride, $10Robert and Lib Wilson, $100Chris Kunert, $15Bobby Posey, $100Luis Lugo, $50Alice Houston, $50James and Gladys Julian, $60Barbara Azzerelli, $15David Brock, $200Warren Dobbins, $25Neil McInnis, $25Brunhilde Cook, $50William Vivolo Jr., $50Roger Chavis, $100George Harris, $75Patricia Brock, $50Mr. and Mrs. Leon Monroe Sr., $25Fountain, $25Thomas Elkins, $20Joyce and Ole Sorensen, $200Ellen Milewski, $100Scott & Gail Burgess, $100Paul Van Zandt, $125Louetta Carr, $50Marzella Worley, $125Ralph Burns, $100Roswitha Wiatr, $20Helen Jackson, $100Sabrina and Roy Taylor, $70Lloyd Lee, $200Evelyn York, $500Martha Parker, $25Rose Stanford, $35The Book Club, $100Ann Suehr, $100John R. Hatcher Jr., $50Wanda Stephens, $5Mary Vanhout, $100Sara White, $20Betty Williams, $25Betty McNair, $20W.P. Lollis, $30Virginia J. Yergeau, $25Jean Mills, $200Hal Calberson, $50Veronica A.A. Carter, $50William Fairley, $20Anthony Boone, $10Dusty Grice, $50Wendy Keesee, $30Carol Parham, $50Kon Y. Lee, $100John Hermann, retired, $50Frank Hicks, $30John Sill, $25Peter Munster, $15James L. Boles Jr., $100Carol Bruno, $35Howard Gartman, $100Deborah Dewitt, $15Phillip Thingstad, $100James Vieira, $30Nancy Pierceall, $50Ruth Fitzgerald, $200American Legion Post #350, $150Nancy Derrick, $20Jane Peterson, $50Rickey Luzar, $150Richard L. and Olive K. Baird, $500Frances Crutchfield, $100Robert J. Whitney, $35Felice and Helen Schillaci, $500Susan Ulrich, $25Geoff Gunn, $250Paula Montgomery, $115Lawrence Demastus, $50William Pelkey, $10Mary Callow, $100Reginald Jones, $15Tamara Fore, $50Jack Wilson, $35Sarah Lane, $40Nola Penny,$50Carothers, $100G. Raymond Sproles Jr., $50Thomas Bollenbacher, $100Alan Wall, $25Carlene Dennison, $300Alice Carroll, $25Patricia Slater, $25Walter R. Jones, $100Elsie Jasinski, $20Thomas McClellan, $50Richard and Lois Anderson, $50Joseph R. Turrisi, $50Mark Reinemann, $100Ellen Brown, $30Glenn Flinchum, $40Wendy Nolan, $50F. Farrell Collins, MD, $125Barbara Clayburn, $30George Wilson, $20F.T. Motsinger, $25Sandra Monin, $50David Womble, $50Jill Crane, $25Harold and Linda B. McNeill, $25Frederick Martin, $50Doe Litton, $100Thomas Melhorn $100Norman Elliot, $100Mr. and Mrs. William Lyons, $15Renee Reed, $50Steven Calvert, $40Kathleen Peterson, $25Sandra Cebrick, $40Robert Papp, $30J.E. Moses, $50Margitta Kerr Stover, $200John Spicer, $25Matt & Sherri Mutarelli, $50Carole Johnson, $50Kenneth Emmons, $100Donna Wilkes, $20Mrs. Joan Stoner, $100Kimberly Pennington, $50Marilyn Harris, $50Mr. and Mrs. Tom Murphy, $100James Walls, $20Carol Gene Barbee, $20

Anonymous: $7,280

This week's total: $26,045

Grand total: $48,641

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