Bill Murray plays an unlikely babysitter in 'St. Vincent'

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"St. Vincent" could provide Bill Murray with his second ever Oscar nomination.

The trailer for the new comedy "St. Vincent" has hit the internet, showing Bill Murray in the role of a misanthropic, alcoholic war veteran who takes a young boy under his wing. 

Arriving in US theaters on October 24, the new comedy could prove to be a contender for the Oscars, with the potential to propel Murray to his second ever nomination. So far, the actor's only Academy Award nom was for his role in the 2003 film "Lost in Translation." 

In "St. Vincent," Murray plays a broke, alcoholic war veteran with a taste for hookers and horse races. In an unlikely turn of events, the character becomes a friend and babysitter to a young boy whose parents are divorced. 

The cast also includes Melissa McCarthy ("The Heat") in the role of the boy's mother, Naomi Watts as a Russian stripper and friend to Murray's character, and Chris O'Dowd ("Thor: The Dark World") as a priest at the boy's Catholic school. 

Watch the trailer for "St. Vincent":