Bill Maher says PC culture helped ‘a madman’ become president

Bill Maher says PC culture helped ‘a madman’ become president

Bill Maher thinks one reason Donald Trump became President of the United States is liberal culture’s concern with language.

“Democrats have gone from the party that protects people to the party that protects feelings. From, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you,’ to, ‘You owe me an apology,'” Maher said on Friday night’s Real Time With Bill Maher. “Republicans apologize for nothing, Democrats for everything. Can’t we find a balance?”

Maher noted how conservatives dominated elections last year while, he felt, liberals were focused on smaller issues — like a tweet Steve Martin sent in the wake of Carrie Fisher’s death.

“When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well,” Martin wrote in a contentious tweet that he later deleted.

“How could you Steve? We thought we knew you, but this? You noted her appearance first, and then that she was witty and bright. You’re a monster,” Maher said on Friday. “Liberals do this all the time: they get offended for people who themselves would not be offended. You know that whole controversy about the name Washington Redskins? They did a survey: nine out of 10 actual Indians don’t give a sh–.”

Maher also highlighted other celebrity apologies, including Hilary Duff and Chris Hemsworth (who each dressed as Native Americans at costume parties) and Justin Timberlake (who was accused of cultural appropriation after sending a tweet praising actor Jesse Williams’ BET Awards speech).

“Life knows no sin greater than the one he was accused of doing, which is cultural appropriation,” Maher said of Timberlake. “That’s the idea that white people shouldn’t adopt things from other ethnic groups. How dare you mix and match culture to make something new. Where do you think you are? Some kind of melting pot?”

As Maher said on Friday, most Americans agree with Democrats on the issues, but that hasn’t helped the party win elections. “There’s a lot of reasons for that. But the one we can immediately fix is that too often Democrats remind people of a man who has taken his balls out and put them in his wife’s purse,” Maher said. “And please, someone tweet me right now and tell me how that was somehow inappropriate, so I can tell you to go f— yourself.”

Focusing on another celebrity apology, this time Michael Keaton’s mea culpa for mistakenly saying “Hidden Fences” at the Golden Globes, Maher closed out the segment by saying he felt “things like this don’t matter at all.”

“What matters is that while you self-involved fools were policing language at the Kids’ Choice Awards, a madman talked his way into the White House,” Maher said. “What matters is that while liberals were in a contest to see who could be the first to call out fat-shaming, the Tea Party has been busy taking over school boards. Stop protecting your virgin ears and start noticing you’re getting f—ed in the ass.”

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