Big Country Beat: Abilene homicide investigation, meta stories

ABILENE, Texas ( – This week’s Big Country Beat dives into some pretty grim news, plus highlights some much-needed renovations to what once was an Abilene Gem. Keep reading for a full look at the trending local articles of the week.

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This week’s top 5 in BCH’s Big Country Beat

5. Royal Inn of Abilene under new ownership, creating safe & affordable housing

What once was a gem of the Key City, Royal Inn on South 1st Street is now under new ownership.

In her article, reporter Ashly Ibarra explains how Cayson Pearl brought some small renovations to the inn, and a new business model that’s worked for him in the past. This business model aims to help struggling guests in the long-term by offering low rates, extended stays, quiet hours, and check-ins to ensure drugs are not on the property.

4. Big Country Beat: 20+ arrests, chain restaurant closure

How’s this for meta? Last week’s Big Country Beat, which highlighted more than 20 arrests across the Abilene area and the temporary closure of a beloved fast food chain restaurant, got some pretty big attention this week.

Creating Big Country Beat was a real heart project for me as an Abilenian, and I just have to say thank you!

3. Abilene car dealership catches fire early Monday morning

An Abilene car dealership caught fire early Monday morning. The Abilene Fire Department responded quickly, but as you can see, the damage was done.

Authorities have not released a cause for this fire.

2. 2 drivers accused of hitting disabled pedestrian killed in Abilene arrested, police searching for 3rd driver

On our top five for the second week in a row, this article goes over a horrible hit-and-run incident that killed a wheelchair-bound pedestrian. Police have arrested two local men, and were searching for a third person for questioning.

1. One dead, another injured after shooting in south Abilene

After only about 15 hours, Abilene’s first homicide case of 2024 rushed to the number one spot for the week.

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Floyd Hardison, 67, was accused of shooting and killing his ex-wife, then shooting her sister, sending her to the hospital on Thursday evening. He was arrested on site, and now sits at the Taylor County Jail on $750,000 in bonds.

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