Biden's adviser did not mention regaining territories when talking about conditions for Ukraine's victory

Jake Sullivan. Photo: Getty Images
Jake Sullivan. Photo: Getty Images

Jake Sullivan, US National Security Adviser, has said that Ukraine will win if it comes out of the war as a sovereign, democratic and free country. At the same time, he did not mention restoring Ukraine’s territorial integrity among the conditions of victory.

Source: Jake Sullivan, on Wednesday at a briefing in Kyiv; European Pravda with reference to Interfax-Ukraine

Quote: "I said that Ukraine must win today. What does it mean? It means that Ukraine will come out of this war sovereign, independent, free and able to deter future aggression, with a strong, dynamic democracy, deep democratic institutions and an economy that is growing not only in traditional industries but also in the field of high technologies, in industries where you are innovating, and even in the face of Russian attacks, you are innovating. That's what winning means."

Details: Now, he noted, "it has a crucial military dimension, that is, providing the necessary support, supplies, and weapons to brave Ukrainian soldiers so that they can effectively do what they need on the battlefield."

"We have intelligence cooperation, we have economic cooperation, and we have diplomacy, which we conduct together to work on democratic reforms and economic reforms.

Therefore, this is a comprehensive, joint work of the US government, which our president has identified as a key priority of the United States so that Ukraine not only wins but also succeeds," the adviser to the US president stressed.


  • Lloyd Austin, U.S. Secretary of Defense, warned on Tuesday that Ukraine's survival is under threat, and he tried to convince his allies that the United States was loyal to Kyiv.

  • US House Speaker Mike Johnson has effectively agreed to unblock the decision to provide aid to Ukraine, but with significant changes – as a House of Representatives bill and in the form of a loan or lend-lease.

  • He also admitted that aid to Ukraine and Israel would still be divided into separate bills. Any new bill will have to receive enough votes in both the House and the Senate.

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