Biden, Trump both head to southern border

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WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Both President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump are taking trips down to the border Thursday.

However, they will be in different areas, showcasing different perspectives on immigration.

President Biden will visit Brownsville, Texas to address concerns at the southern border as the area has seen a sharp decrease in illegal crossings in recent months.

“He’s going to meet with border patrol agents, law enforcement officials, front line personnel, and local leaders,” said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

The White House says the president will consider executive action after the Senate’s border deal failed.

“Four months of us, the White House, working with Republicans and Democrats in the Senate to get that done and obviously, Republicans have rejected that because of politics.” Jean-Pierre added.

At the same time his republican rival Donald Trump will make his own trip to Eagle Pass, Texas the area with largest number of crossings.

“Migrant crime is taking over America,” Trump said.

The former president is keying in on immigration at the southern border as a major campaign issue.

“They’re all coming in through Joe Biden’s horrible open border. There’s never been a border like this anywhere in the world at any time,” Trump said.

Trump opposed the Senate border deal and encouraged Republicans in Congress to shoot it down saying it was a bad bill.

The White House says that message is preventing resources from going to the border.

“They are turning this into a political stunt by listening to Donald Trump and saying that they need to kill it. This is what they have been doing and making it political,” Jean-Pierre.

The president will continue to encourage Congress to take action as Biden sees the border deal as the best way to tackle the issue.

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