Biden hosts Hillary Clinton for breakfast

Olivier Knox
Yahoo! News
Hillary Clinton's breakfast with Biden: 2016 talk on the table?
The former Secretary of State had lunch with President Obama on Monday and she is set to follow it up with breakfast with potential 2016 presidential rival, Vice President Joe Biden, raising questions about who Obama might endorse if both Clinton and Biden run for president. Charlie Rose reports.

Vice President Joe Biden welcomed Hillary Clinton for breakfast at his official residence Tuesday, a day after she had lunch with President Barack Obama at the White House.

It's her highest-profile return visit to Washington since stepping down as secretary of state Feb. 1. But aides to Obama and Biden have kept up a steady drumbeat of "nothing to see here," noting her regular meals with both leaders while she was America's top diplomat.

But her rumored plans to run for president in 2016, as well as Democrats' reliance on Hillary and Bill Clinton's help ahead of the 2014 midterms (notably in terms of fundraising prowess), have led to intense media scrutiny. The Clinton camp's reported efforts to push Anthony Weiner to the sidelines of the New York City mayor's race haven't exactly dented interest in Hillary's Washington, D.C., itinerary either.

Given the Obama administration's fresh push on Middle East peace, something both Clintons labored unsuccessfully to achieve, it would be no surprise to learn that the president and vice president sounded her out.

That's all speculative. But good news, everyone! Yahoo News can report that the breakfast menu included scrambled eggs with roasted tomatoes and avocado, turkey bacon, fresh cut fruit and multigrain toast.