Biden and Harris team up in North Carolina

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WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris hit the campaign trail Tuesday visiting Raleigh, North Carolina to roll out their plan to make healthcare more affordable and accessible.

“Access to health care should be a right, not just a privilege,” said Harris.

The president says he intends to do more to lower health insurance premiums and decrease prescription drug costs. He wants to expand Medicaid and Medicare and strengthen the Affordable Care Act.

“I see a future where healthcare is a right and we restore the freedom to choose and protect the freedoms not to take it away,” said Biden.

The president’s opponent, former president Donald Trump, has said if he is elected, he will try again to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Texas Republican Congressman Chip Roy says the 14-year-old law is hurting Americans.

“We’ve had a quadrupling of the price of health insurance since Obamacare was passed. Nobody can afford it, and nobody can get coverage,” Roy said.

However, other Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell say repealing the Affordable Care Act isn’t on the radar.

“We had a big fight over that a few years ago. If you can develop a base to revisit that issue, obviously we would take a look at it, but it seems to me that is largely over,” he said.

The president says if Republicans try once again to get rid of it, “We’re going to stop them again.”

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