Biden administration praises efforts by 'vast majority' of Republican governors to curb COVID

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tells Yahoo News National Correspondent Alexander Nazaryan that "the vast majority of Republican governors are doing exactly the right thing," in handling public health policy. Despite the tensions between the administration and a select number of GOP governors, Psaki says the White House is committed to working across party lines to end the pandemic.

Video Transcript

JEN PSAKI: Yahoo. I'm just gonna keep calling you Yahoo. Go ahead.

- You've spoken a lot about Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott this week. Who are two or three Republican governors who are getting things right, in the view of the White House right now, on COVID?

JEN PSAKI: There are a number. We've talked about Asa Hutchinson, who's taken a number of steps. We've also talked about Governor Hogan in Maryland. I talked about him earlier today. I've talked about the governor of Massachusetts.

And I've said several times, the vast majority of governors-- Republican governors-- are doing exactly the right thing. They're putting public health, they're putting policies first, and they're saving lives in the process. And we've seen, in a number of these states where they've taken these steps, the rates actually come down because it's having an impact.

So that's a positive sign. This is not political to us. We are gonna continue to take steps, work with governors, leaders of all political stripes, in order to prevent, end the pandemic.