Biden: Maybe I'll co-host "Today" show with Hillary Clinton

Olivier Knox
Biden: Maybe I'll co-host "Today" show with Hillary Clinton

Come on. You'd watch it. You know you would.

"Today" show co-anchor and weather guy Al Roker said Tuesday that he wished Vice President Joe Biden would host the show "just for the day." Roker got pretty excited as he and his co-hosts considered the possibility of a segment dubbed "Breakfast with Biden."

"Mr. Vice President, the door is always open," Roker said to the camera.

Well...not only did Biden not reject the request, he raised Roker one Hillary Clinton, as the tweet below attests. (Biden's office declined to comment further on the tweet. Biden and Hillary Clinton had breakfast on Tuesday.)

But then, hijinks ensued. I mean, Twitter hijinks.

First, Roker let Biden know he had a special reward in mind:

 But co-host Savannah Guthrie apparently felt short-changed:

Roker doubled down:

Guthrie seized the opening:

And New York Times media writer Brian Stelter offered his services as food critic:

 And there was much rejoicing...