Bharat Rana of Dental Health Associates, Now Providing Dental Care to All Americans Regardless of Socioeconomic Background

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Startup Fortune, November 13, 2020: Bharat Rana, CEO of Dental Health Associates, P.A., one of New Jersey’s largest multi-specialty dental groups, is earning a name for himself as a leading CEO and entrepreneur in the dental industry that cares about people from every socioeconomic background.

Managing dental clinics that provide the best clinical care to patients regardless of where they come from, Rana stated that they, “treat the patient, not the insurance.”

“Too many dental practices are strictly concerned with their revenue today, which is why patients end up just numbers in the system,” said Rana. “Not us with Dental Health Associates. We care about each and every person, no matter their insurance. Humans are humans to us, and it’s at the center of our customer service.”

Rana was born in a small village in India, immigrating to the United States in 1982 with his parents. Growing up in the middle class, Rana watched his parents work very labor-intensive jobs to provide decent lives to himself and his siblings. Early on, Rana felt a pull to foray into the world of DJing and entertainment, working the crowds to help pay for his college.

Realizing that bigger schools would be out of his monetary ability when he graduated from high school, Rana attended and graduated from William Paterson University and then began working for three large global conglomerates in the finance industry. Rana was able to amass experience in various disciplines, organizational culture, and how to develop positive relationships.

In 2011, Rana had a shift in his career as he partnered with a good friend, who was a dentist. He acquired his first dental practice in West New York, NJ.

“I had no dental experience, I didn’t speak Spanish, and the existing staff thought I was there to take their jobs,” said Rana. “It was an uphill battle, to say the least. But with a lot of hard work, we were able to turn the office into something profitable with a focus on high quality patient care.”

Rana took his method he had applied to this first dental office and decided to replicate it. He began buying practices for the next 4-years. In 2016, Rana embarked on his biggest investment of all to acquire a multi-specialty group with over 350 employees. With this new acquisition, he was able to care for nearly 1,000-patients per day, many of them in underserved communities around New Jersey.

“Seeing what my efforts were able to do for people in need completely changed my heart,” said Rana. “Although COVID-19 hit our firm, just like every other firm, we have emerged stronger than ever. Today, we have 37 multi-specialty dental practices across two states, and we are poised to double our size by the end of the year. We look forward to what 2021 has in store for our team.”

Rana’s company value increased from $18 million to $51.5 million since its founding. My goal was to lead the largest, best dental healthcare company in the region by the time I was 40 – I’m happy to say I’ve accomplished that goal.

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