Beyond the Horizon: 20 Breathtaking Photos From Readers

Nora Grenfell
Stunning Time-Lapse Video Shows Beauty of Our World
Izumo, Japan

Izumo, Japan

Taro Matsumura captured this image of a holy site in Japan.

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As far as symbolism goes, the horizon is both a source of inspiration and frustratingly unattainable. It looks different in every part of the world, yet is iconic to most every culture.

This week we asked our readers to submit photos of their horizons for the Mashable Photo Challenge. This challenge showed us how far across the earth our readers range, with submissions from destinations like Tokyo, Croatia and New York City. Photos focused on shared themes, such as sunsets, skies and open bodies of water.

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We received some truly amazing submissions, from classically beautiful images to unconventional interpretations of the "horizon." We've assembled 20 of our favorites above, and you can see all of the submissions in our gallery. Thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge, and don't forget to check back for next week's theme: patterns.

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