Better Call Saul: Gloves Off review (Spoilers)

It’s a testament to the quality of this show that even though you know that certain characters will make it out alive of each episode, you’re still as tense or excited as hell when something big and dramatic happens.

In this episode, it’s Mikes confrontation with Tuco which keeps us on edge as his and Nachos plan to get Tuco out of the picture includes getting repeatedly punched in the face in a scene that involves a gun and the police. Though I knew that Mike and Tuco definitely weren’t going to die it was still a masterfully done scene that built up the tension over the proceeding 20 minutes to arrive at the great scene.

Bookending the episode with Mike and his battered face adds to the episode, making us interested but unsure of how he came to be this way.

Elsewhere, Sauls ad backfires and gets Kim relegated to the doldrums of HHM whilst he attempts to get Chuck to lessen the punishment on her.

Solidly crafted, beautifully paced and brilliantly written, this show may be a different beast to Breaking Bad but it still has that exquisite rhythm and attention to detail.