This is the best way to beat the Amazon Prime price increase blues

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Sneaky new app brings all your Amazon Instant Video content to Chromecast

If you’re already dreading the Amazon Prime price increase and you want to vent your frustration — but maybe also accomplish something productive in the process — we’ve got the social media campaign for you. Eric Neuman over at Simple Actually was tired of waiting for Instant Video streaming to come to his Android devices, so he told Amazon he wanted a discount on his Prime membership as he wasn’t receiving the same service as other users who pay the same amount he does. Amazon’s response?

“[As] a compensation for the inconvenience caused, I’ve issued a 25% refund i.e. $20 on your Prime membership. Refunds typically process within 2-3 business days and appear as a credit on your statement. You’ll receive an automatic confirmation e-mail when the refund is processed.”

That’s right: Eric got a discount by making a very valid point about the service. Amazon also confirmed in the response email that it is working to make Amazon Instant Video available on Android “in the near future.”

If you’d like to join in Eric’s crusade to bring Amazon’s streaming video service to the masses, he’s asking anyone who tries to get in touch with the company to tweet with the hashtag #AmazonAndroidEmbargo to discuss their results.

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