‘Best traffic jam ever.’ Video shows massive Yellowstone bison herd navigate busy road

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A huge herd of bison caused a traffic jam at Yellowstone National Park, a video shows. The bison follow in a line and almost stay perfectly in their lane.

“We have a nice little bison jam going on here,” Cindy Shaffer, who posted the video on Facebook April 19, said in the video. “Bison on the move.”

Yellowstone experts said the bison are used to cars being around, and they even “seem to know the right-of-way” on the road, according to Yellowstone National Park Trips.

It’s not uncommon to see bison take over a road in Yellowstone. There are thousands of bison within the park, and when a herd needs to navigate an area, the road is sometimes the easiest way to do so.

“Best traffic jam ever,” one person on Facebook said.

In January, a photographer captured a “Yellowstone rush hour” when a large herd of bison blocked the street.

“I have seen a small group of bison walking down the roads in Yellowstone, but never a large herd like this one,” Jones told Storyful. “The bison try to conserve their energy in the winter and often will use the roads to travel instead of the deep snow.

There are more than 4,680 bison living in Yellowstone, according to the National Park Service. They can be spotted year-round in Hayden and Lamar valleys.

Tourists shouldn’t honk their horns at them, and they should go slow and give the bison enough space if they meet them on a road, Yellowstone National Park Trips said on its website.

“Be patient for bison to make their way off the road, or just simply go around them,” the website said. “But please save the honking for the city.”

Bison are huge animals and can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. They can also be aggressive and run up to 30 miles per hour, according to the National Park Service. Park visitors should never approach bison.

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