‘Best show of all time’: Tenacious D kicks off tour in the Queen City

Tenacious D is kicking off its “Spicy Meatball Tour” this week and the band’s first stop is in Charlotte.

Channel 9′s government reporter Joe Bruno spoke with the bandmembers ahead of their Queen City concert. They started the interview by joking about their own government aspirations.

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“Maybe it is time for us to announce that we are running for city council. Tenacious D in the city hall.”

It’s not Bruno’s typical interview, but then again, Tenacious D isn’t your typical band. The rock-comedy duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass is kicking off their tour on Wednesday at PNC Music Pavilion.

The duo is no stranger to Charlotte. They took promotional pictures for their first album on the side of Interstate 85.

“It had to be shot pretty quick as you can imagine,” Gass said. “I remember it being rather dangerous and illegal, but we court danger so we had to do it. Anything for the shot.”

They also shot the movie “Shallow Hal” in Charlotte, a 2001 romantic comedy that stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Jason Alexander.

Black told Bruno he has great memories of playing shuffleboard in a bar he forgets the name of, buying alcohol at Dean & Deluca, and playing disc golf.

“I played an amazing game of frisbee golf, you still got that frisbee golf field?” Black asked.

“Oh yeah,” Bruno said.

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“So I challenge you. Are you down to go head-to-head with the D?”

“I’m serious, I never joke when it comes to frisbee golf,” Black said.

Whether that frisbee golf game actually happens remains to be seen, but the duo behind “Tribute,” which calls itself the greatest song in the world, is promising the greatest show in the world.

“It’s tough because we are considered a comedic act,” Black said. “So when you say it is actually the best concert you are ever going to see, they go, ‘yeah yeah, go on, you’re pulling my leg,’ right, because it is a joke. But no we are not joking, it is actually the best show of all time, and what are you going to do? I guess we are just a couple of clowns.”

The show starts at 8 p.m. on Wednesday. Tickets are still available through Ticketmaster.

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