Best Photography Apps for Smartphones

Michael C. Jones
Yahoo! Contributor NetworkDecember 3, 2012

We live in a wonderful digital age where the ability to capture life's memories are at our fingertips. Smartphones have made making memories and even having some fun with them as easy as the touch of a button. With that in mind, here are 10 great apps that every smartphone user should add to their photography folder:

1. Camera+ (iOS), $0.99

Camera+ is a must for all iPhone and iPad users. It's a basic, yet effective program that enhances the stock camera by adding the ability to add zoom and effects. It's simple, yet efficient, and at just 99 cents, it's well worth it.

2. Instagram (iOS, Android), Free

For fans of social media, Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing tools used today. The apps for iOS and Android make it extremely easy to use the site's functionality on the go and share pictures across various sites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. An effects tool allows users to easily alter the appearance of any photograph.

3. Silent & Timer Cam Portraiter, (Android) Free

This app from JP Brothers, Inc. will allow users to take portraits using a timer function. Conveniently, the program has features that automatically enhance the quality of the images to avoid having to retake the the image. It boasts 10 filter effects that allow for manual editing as well.

4. Viddy (iOS), Free

Viddy is another great photo and video sharing app for the iPhone, and it's available for free on iTunes. Android is rumored to get the program soon, but as of now, it's still unavailable on that platform. For now, Apple iOS users can enjoy its advanced camera features, easy sharing and built in community that will shorten the learning curve of its many features.

5. 360 Panorama (iOS, Android), $0.99

The 360 Panorama application developed by Occipital is a beautiful tool that allows for panoramic photo capturing, sharing and storage. This versatile app has many other attractive features outside of its main function, such as automatic GPS tagging, gyro viewing and embedding.

6. Snapspeed, (iOS), $4.99

At just under $5, this app is among the priciest of this list, but for those willing to shell out the extra dough, it could be worth it. It was voted the Best Mobile Photo App of 2012 by TIPA and iPad App of the Year on iTunes for its ease of use. This program is a feature-rich editor that's so easy to use, that even the most novice photographers among users can pick it up quickly.

7. GifBoom, (iOS, Android), Free

Throughout all the technological advances on the web, animated GIFs have managed to stick around for good reason -- they're a lot of fun. GifBoom, available for free on iTunes and Google Play. Simply put, the app allows users to create and share animated GIF images, which is somehow still a blast despite its simplicity.

8. Photoshop Express (iOS, Android), Free

Photoshop Express by Adobe is a free mobile version of the program that wrote the book on photo editing. With many effects at its disposal and the ability to share edited photos, this is a must-have for anyone who's serious about photography on mobile devices.

9. Touchnote Postcards (iOS, Android), Free

Just in time for the holidays, Touchnote Postcards is a great option for making beautiful post cards and greeting cards. You can create an e-version of the cards for sharing on the go or even purchase cards online at the click of a button. Either way, this app is a real winner for Android and iOS users.

10. Pixable, (iOS, Android), Free

Pixable is a one-stop solution for storing photos. It goes beyond that simple function and even has a feature that allows users to rank the photos based on popularity. The app was listed on CNN's top 50 tech tools because it's extremely practical and easy to use. It also serves as a great productivity tool by organizing all of the photos users get from various outlets.