Best Cosplayers at Day 1 of San Diego Comic Con

Christine Erickson

Another year, another 100,00+ people gather for the biggest pop culture conference in the U.S. San Diego Comic Con kicked off its 45th year Thursday, and once again, thousands will attend – many in elaborate cosplay. The costumes take anywhere from hours to months of preparation, and can cost makers up to thousands of dollars, depending on how professional they want to go. It’s like Halloween for nerds, except the candy is pride from crafting an incredible getup. What’s great about SDCC is that makers of all skill level blend into one community of fandoms under a very large roof. You could be a thrifty curator or a high-end makeup artist, but everyone has one thing in common: appreciation for pop culture. It also doesn’t hurt not minding when people stare. This year’s conference runs through Sunday, but the cosplay is already off to an impressive start. Check out these incredible DIY outfits from the first day.