'Best Accidental Photobomb Ever’ Will Make You Laugh Then Wince

Feast your eyes on what is being called ‘the best accidental photobomb of all time’.

Aww, a happy couple out for a spot of lunch or possibly dinner on what may or may not be a holiday - who cares, look at the waiter in the background.

The unfortunate server at the Plough Inn, Brisbane, encountered a bit of an obstacle as he carried a couple of plates of burgers across the busy restaurant.

While the photo originally emerged on Reddit earlier this year, debate rages on as to whether this is a legitimate photobomb or a Photoshopped image - or even an optical illusion.

“I don’t want to be that guy,” writes Reddit user Nemo_S, instantly becoming that guy, “But I think what we’re looking at is what I’ve seen referred to as forced perception? Kind of looks like the kid is standing a few feet away from him and waving and Good Guy Waiter is indulging him with a “OH HEY LOOK WHO IT IS!” expression.”

But let’s leave the specifics aside and revel in the perfectly timed photo instead.

As another Redittor says: “I was like, "oh great, another exaggerated title,” but no, that actually is the best photobomb ever.”

Image: SarkyTyke on Reddit