Feel the yearn! BernieSingles.com aims to connect Sanders supporters looking for love


A dating website for Bernie Sanders supporters crashed Wednesday after being inundated with new members. (Photo montage: BernieSingles.com/AP)

This was bound to happen. Millennials love Bernie Sanders. And millennials love online dating.

Enter BernieSingles.com, a website aimed at connecting the Vermont senator’s single supporters who may be looking for that special fellow democratic socialist.

The site’s administrators, however, may have underestimated how many Sanders supporters were feeling the proverbial yearn. The Hill reports that the site crashed Wednesday after attracting more than 1,000 members in an hour. And the site was continuing to suffer intermittent outages on Thursday morning.

A Facebook group associated with the singles site has nearly 10,000 members.

“Do you love Bernie? Do you need a lover? Let’s play!” a message on the Facebook page reads.

And scrolling through the messages on the group’s wall, it would seem the majority of its members are women.

“I like Wes Anderson, cheese, and Bernie,” one bisexual female member wrote. “The dudes in this group, half of y’all are neckbeards [and] I’m more attracted to the girls.”

“I’m Kiersten from Michigan and all of my friends are sick of my political and veganism rants,” wrote another. “If you want to talk about social justice, animal welfare or hockey, I’m your girl.”

“I’m a feminist, lover of nature, dank kush, memes, crystals, hip hop and psych rock,” another wrote. “Looking to make some chill, socially conscious friends. I’d also like to share that I had a dream last night I met Bernie. He hugged me for a long time and I cried.”

Neither the Facebook page nor the website are affiliated with the Sanders campaign.

The launch of BernieSingles.com comes less than a month after Tinder temporarily banned two of Sanders’ supporters for harassing other users of the popular dating app with pro-Bernie messages.

One of them, Robyn Gedrich, told Reuters she contacted about 60 people a day in an effort to recruit volunteers for the Sanders campaign before the 23-year-old’s account was locked.

Her Tinder message: “Do you feel the Bern?”