Bernie Sanders and Planned Parenthood are the most popular things in the US, poll suggests

Bernie Sanders: reportedly one of the most popular people in America: Getty
Bernie Sanders: reportedly one of the most popular people in America: Getty

Bernie Sanders and Planned Parenthood are the popular things in the United States, a new poll has revealed.

In a finding that is likely to anger Donald Trump, the veteran senator and the reproductive health programme both have higher favourability ratings than the US President, as do Democrat senator Elizabeth Warren, Vice President Mike Pence and Obamacare.

The Fox News poll found 43 per cent of Americans approve of Mr Trump’s performance as President, compared with 51 per cent who disapprove, giving the Republican an approval rating of -9.

He performed particularly badly in the eyes of the public on the issue of America’s relationship with Russia, with only 33 per cent of people believing he has done well in dealing with Moscow, compared with 55 per cent who disapproved.

A majority (54 per cent) also disapproved of the President’s revised executive order banning immigration to the US from six mainly-Muslim countries.

Of the people and policies that the survey participants were asked about, Mr Sanders was the most popular, with an approval rating of +29. Planned Parenthood was second, on +25.

Mr Sanders, who sits as an independent but sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, is one of the most of outspoken critics of Mr Trump. He recently called the US President a “pathological liar” who “changes his mind every single day”.

The Planned Parenthood scheme has been criticised by some Republicans who oppose the fact it provides abortion services. Although this element of the organisation does not receive federal funding, other parts of Planned Parenthood are given $500 million each year in federal funds.

A White House proposal to maintain the organisation’s funding if it ceased providing abortion services was swiftly rejected by the programme’s leaders earlier this month. Mr Trump has insisted he supports Planned Parenthood and wants to “significantly increase federal funding in support of non-abortion services”.

The Republican has suffered some of the worst approval ratings of any new US President in history. Within two weeks of taking office in January, Mr Trump saw his standing drop to -9 per cent – a low from which he is yet to recover.