Berea man facing attemted murder charges

Jan. 27—A preliminary hearing was held for Rodney Gipson on Wednesday morning, as he is facing charges of wanton endangerment, attempted murder, and being a felon in possession of a handgun.

Gipson was arrested on Jan. 18 at approximately 9:22 p.m. in Berea after police responded to reports of shots fired from a vehicle.

In court, Officer Jason Varney testified that officers spoke to multiple witnesses who stated that the driver of the vehicle shot multiple rounds toward an unidentified male subject who Berea Police Department (BPD) reported had fled the scene.

In his testimony, Varney relayed that Gipson reported that what sparked the shooting was an argument, where a white male had used racial slurs against him in an argument.

At least two witnesses alleged to police that they directly observed the shooting incident. Additionally, an argument and an automobile matching the description of Gipson's vehicle — a red car with a white door— can be observed on footage from a neighboring Ring doorbell.

A round was also reported to be found inside a tree directly in front of the residence where the shooting occurred.

When Gipson's attorney, Charlie Thomas, asked if Gipson had admitted to trying to kill the other man, Varney replied, "That's the way I took it."

Additional testimony from Varney revealed that descriptions from witnesses and a conversation with Emergency Management Services led BPD to a man named Anthony Mays who matched the description given to police.

The man, however, declined to admit if he was the victim of a crime.

Instead he allegedly told responding officers that he "is no rat" but that if he did happen to be the victim of this crime, the other person would probably be charged with attempted murder.

The defense attempted to lower Gipson's bail, arguing that Gipson had not reoffended since committing a felony in the 1990s.

The prosecution retorted that Gipson's actions put at least three people in "significant danger" and that his bond should not be lowered.

Ultimately, the cash bond remained at $75,000.

Gipson is set to go before a grand jury at a later date.