Benedict Cumberbatch Visited Comic Book Store As Doctor Strange, And It Was Obviously Awesome

Over the weekend production on ‘Doctor Strange’ came to an end. But obviously its titular star Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the character.

That’s because the English thespian decided to keep on his attire as the Sorcerer Supreme before then visiting the one place where he knew he’d be welcomed with open arms: a comic book store.

Obviously the world needed to know about his trek to the New York based JHU Comic Books, so Marvel Entertainment uploaded the above image of the actor buying a copy of ‘Doctor Strange’ to Twitter with the caption, “One never knows when the Master Of the Mystic Arts will stop by!”

JHU Comic Books then took to their own Facebook account to uploaded the below image with the caption, “So, the Doctor just came in for a quick visit.”


A scarred and bloody Benedict Cumberbatch was also joined on this visit by some of ‘Doctor Strange’s’ cast and crew, including director Scott Derrickson.

He uploaded the below picture to his own Twitter account while at the same time confirming that filming had finished with the caption, “That’s a wrap.”


Scott Derrickson and his post-production team now just have 7 months to get ‘Doctor Strange’ into shape ahead of its release date, while the fact that they’ve now finished filming hopefully means that a trailer will be just around the corner, too.

‘Doctor Strange’ will finally be with us on November 4, 2016, while there’s a good chance that the character will either be mentioned or feature in a post-credits cameo in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, which is now just a month away from release.

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[Images via Twitter/@scottderrickson & Twitter/@Marvel & Facebook/JHU Comic Books]