Ben Shapiro mocked again for failed screenwriter career after Everything Everywhere All at Once review

Ben Shapiro has offered another unfavourable film review, setting himself up, once again, for mockery over his failed screenwriting career.

The 39-year-old conservative pundit has been ridiculed numerous times for his divisive takes on popular film and television.

Now, Shapiro has found himself at the centre of fresh new Twitter scorn after he took aim at this year’s Best Picture Oscar winner, Everything Everywhere All at Once.

“In five years, nobody will watch Everything Everywhere All at Once,” he wrote on Monday (13 March). “It is overlong (2 hrs 19 min!), confused, and generally bizarre.”

He claimed that “nobody has watched a single best picture winner five years later since 2007s No Country For Old Men”.

Numerous people have responded to his controversial opinion, with one writing that “everything about Ben Shapiro starts to make sense when you find out he failed as a screenwriter”.

“You should make films, I bet they’d win awards,” a second quipped.

A third responded: “I’m sorry the very good movie confused you.”

Another argued that “EEAAO is already a cult classic”.

“It’s going to be one people talk about in 20 years passionately. It’s fun, engaging, and smart. I’ve literally seen cosplay of it shortly after release,” they added.

The Independent has contacted Shapiro’s representative for comment.

In December 2021, he faced a similar backlash for attacking director Rian Johnson’s latest whodunnit Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

Months later, in February, he was roasted for complaining about the lack of zombies in a fan-favourite episode of HBO’s The Last of Us.

The Los Angeles-born commentator studied political science at the University of Los Angeles and Harvard Law School, graduating by the time he was 23.

According to Shapiro, he was blacklisted by Hollywood over his political views.