Ben Affleck is a despondent Batman in new photo

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A studio shot of Ben Affleck as Batman in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

Unveiled for San Diego's Comic-Con, a new close-up shows the Dark Knight's bowed head and furrowed brow.

After a few photos released on Twitter last spring, the new portrait is the latest look at "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice," which is due in theaters in 2016. Visitors to Comic-Con can also take a look at the latest version of the Batman suit by costume designer Michael Wilkinson ("Watchmen," "Man of Steel"), which is on display at the event.

Set against a black backdrop, the new image presents Ben Affleck's Batman as a particularly serious and somber version of the superhero. After failing to impress critics in the title role of "Daredevil" in 2003, Affleck will face even more scrutiny for his performance as Batman. The task is all the more daunting since he will be following in the footsteps of Christian Bale, whose portrayal of the Dark Knight in Christopher Nolan's trilogy was particularly acclaimed.

Helmed by "Man of Steel" director Zack Snyder, the sequel will stage a showdown between Batman and Superman, to be played once again by Henry Cavill. The journalist Lois Lane and the editor Perry White, played by Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne respectively, will also return. Among newcomers are Jesse Eisenberg in the role of Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Alfred, Bruce Wayne's butler.

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will be released in the US on May 6, 2016, the same day as "Captain America 3."