Bement community recognizes three life-saving heroes

BEMENT, Ill. (WCIA) — On Friday, people in one small Piatt County community honored two students and a man who performed a monumental act of kindness.

A couple weeks ago, Bement students Megan and Simon McCullogh were heading home from school like any other day — but it quickly took a turn.

They heard an elderly man calling for help in the freezing temperatures.

“We found him on his stairs, on the pathway to his house,” Simon McCullough said.

The man had fallen and wasn’t able to get up. The brother and sister tried to lift him, but couldn’t.

“We were scared and overwhelmed because we didn’t really know what to do,” Megan McCullough said.

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That’s when they saw a familiar face: neighbor Luke Smith.

He happened to be driving by on his way home from the grocery store. The McCulloughs flagged him down to help. Smith was able to get the gentlemen back inside his home.

“Once we did get them inside, they they were rubbing warm blankets on his hands and doing everything I said while I was trying to get a hold of the EMS,” Smith said.

EMTs made sure the man was okay. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt.

The trio of heroes were there just in time to rescue him from the dangerous cold, and that’s why the community honored them with a special ceremony at Bement Elementary.

The McCulloughs were rewarded for their quick thinking in an intense situation. The kids and Smith each received the Life Saving Award from the Bement Fire District.

“Give the kids their flowers. It’s all them,” Smith said. “I was just being a neighbor. That’s all I was doing.”

Smith said the elderly man is ok and they still keep in contact.

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