‘I believe in white power.’ Home Depot face mask fight spurs arrest, Illinois cops say

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A woman caught on video saying she believes in “white power” during a fight over face masks was arrested, according to Illinois police.

The confrontation at a Home Depot in McHenry, Illinois, was caught on video by Sydney Waters, who says the woman removed her mask to complain about other shoppers not wearing face coverings, according to a Facebook post.

“The entitlement is disgusting,” Waters told the woman in a video.

“Yes, I am entitled,” the woman says. “I’m white. I’m a woman.”

Waters later calls the woman a “disgusting, racist piece of trash.”

“I believe in white power,” the woman replies.

Waters lifts the camera to show the woman’s face, which she hid behind a cell phone, and the video ends as it’s jostled. The video has been viewed nearly 90,000 times on Facebook as of Tuesday afternoon.

Warning: It contains graphic language.

The video comes as the country reignites conversations and debate about racism following the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died after a now-fired Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for about 8 minutes as three other officers didn’t intervene. All four officers have been charged.

On Monday, McHenry police said Teri A. Hill, 54, was charged with misdemeanor battery in the assault at Home Depot, the Chicago Tribune reported. Hill could not be reached for comment, according to the outlet.

Waters, who says she’s married to a retired police officer, told the newspaper she respects police and Black Lives Matter, participating in a recent protest in the northwest Chicago suburb.

“I think it’s time people are held accountable for what they’re saying and doing,” Waters told the Chicago Tribune. “If you tell someone you’re going to cough or spit on someone … or claim white power, that’s a choice you make.”

Waters accused Hill of threatening to cough or sneeze on her, then wrestled her to the floor, leaving her bruised, the Northwest Herald reported.

I don’t deal with racism,” Waters told WLS. “It’s so prevalent right now, and I feel like if you’re not stopping people and you’re not saying something, you’re part of the problem.”

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