Belgians reeling from heavy flood wreckage

The town of Dinant in Belgium woke up to a big cleanup job on Sunday (July 25),

after the heaviest floods in decades on Saturday (July 24) turned streets into torrential streams that washed away cars and pavements.

No one was killed, but authorities predict the cost of the damage will be "significant."

Local resident Pierre Colaeu described the deluge.

"In less than 20 minutes, the water rushed down from here, above, then it gradually grew larger. It became a torrent which took all the cars away gradually, and everything was piled up there in the back. Then it went into the garages. So everything has to be rebuilt."

The flash flood followed a two-hour thunderstorm, which left streets strewn with rubble, wrecked cars, and thick mud.

Dinant was spared the deadly floods 10 days ago that killed 37 people in southeast Belgium and many more in Germany, but the violence of Saturday's storm surprised many.