Bechtel Parsons Bluegrass gifts Baptist Health $300,000 to aid in mental health

Apr. 20—With operations with the Bluegrass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (BGCAPP) at Bluegrass Army Depot wrapping up, Bechtel Parsons is entering new territory for being a construction company.

Deconstructing rather than constructing. Taking down rather than building up.

Ron Hink said that they are used to leaving something where they work.

On Thursday, Bechtel Parsons left something with the community that will have a long lasting impact on mental health.

Ron Hink, the departing project manager for Bechtel Parsons Bluegrass Joint Venture (BPBGJV), presented Greg Gerard and Baptist Health Richmond with a $300,000 check that will go towards expanding mental health services here in Madison County.

In return the hospital's Clinical Decision Unit will bear the Bechtel Parsons Bluegrass Joint Venture name.

Gerard, the president of Baptist Health Richmond, is grateful for Bechtel Parson's gift to the hospital and praised the company for their 'Mental Health at Work (MHAWK)' initiative.

"There's not a better partner I can think of at this point in time than Bechtel Parsons, when we first started talking with them, we realized that our love and passion for mental health is absolutely aligned," Gerard said.

For Hink, who is transitioning out for another project as work winds down in Richmond, he said he realized upon meeting the Baptist Health team that they had a common theme.

"Our workforce was having trouble dealing with stress on both ends," Hink said. "We recognized that we need to do something."

That's when Bechtel Parsons started up their Mental Health At Work program.

That program was so successful that the company set a similar program for general mental health.

"When we sat down, we had something to talk about, because there was a lot of thought about how do we help the community and how do we benefit everyone mutually in this because we were learning a lot from each other," Hink said.

Gerard noted to the press in a press statement that Hink was an instrumental piece in making this gift happen and said that Hink's impact alongside Bechtel Parsons Bluegrass will be a long lasting impact.