Beauty And The Beast First Look: See Kristin Kreuk's Catherine In Her Bridesmaid Dress (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kristin Kreuk as Catherine and Jay Ryan as Vincent in 'Bridesmaid Up!' (the midseason finale of The CW's 'Beauty and The Beast') -- The CW

Fans are now just a week away from "Beauty and The Beast's" mid-season finale next Thursday night on The CW, but today, has your exclusive first look at Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) in her bridesmaid dress, with Vincent (Jay Ryan) beside her! Click HERE to see the photo.

Whether Catherine somehow managed to bring Vincent to her dad's wedding as her date, he snuck in for a quick chat about a case (dressed in a suit!) or it's a charming dream sequence -- all will be clarified when the episode (titled "Bridesmaid Up!") airs Thursday, December 13 at 9/8c on The CW.

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Hinting at that very episode to Access in a recent interview, Kristin said, "They make jokes about him taking her to the wedding... It's very romantic."

Before any tossing of the bouquets, there is an all-new episode of "BATB" on tonight, and Jay told Access it goes back into Vincent's pre-supersoldier/beast past!

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"JT attempts to try and find out [more about] these fugues or blackouts that Vincent's having. Vincent becomes such a risk to Catherine and JT because he fugues out at the drop of a hat and he has no idea what he does and he goes into these rages, so he basically has to put himself in a cage," Jay said. "They run these tests and JT tries to find this counteractive serum... but what it does is it induces these flashback states in Vincent [that take him] back to Afghanistan and we start to unravel a lot of Vincent's back story."

Jay said plenty will be revealed in tonight's episode, including how Vincent became involved in the supersoldier experiments, "how he got the scar," and something deeper.

"It kind of touches on the connection between Catherine and Vincent and Catherine's [mother]," he added.

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"Beauty and the Beast" airs Thursday night at 9/8c on The CW.

- Jolie Lash

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