Beauty Bakerie Cooks Up Quality and Creativity with Baked Goods Inspired Makeup

In a world where many makeup products comes in sleek glossy black containers, Beauty Bakerie is bringing the whimsy back into the beauty space. The brand, a 21Ninety Beauty Awards winner, designs its packaging to remind you of familiar baked goods. And, the names of most Beauty Bakerie products will instantly set off your sweet tooth.

In celebration of Black Business Month, 21Ninety is delighted to introduce you to the brand’s “head chef,” founder Cashmere Nicole.

Makeup Innovations, Fresh From the Oven

The Butter, Oat Flour, and Brownie Bar aren’t just food items from your grocery store. These are actual names of products from the bakery-inspired brand. Plus, the packaging of Beauty Bakerie’s products is always on brand. Be it the use of egg cartons to hold makeup sponges, or a jar to hold false lash-filled cookies, this beauty brand continuously taps into its creativity.

More importantly, there are effective makeup products encased in the aesthetically pleasing packaging. The combination of quality cosmetics with innovative containers is one of the reasons why consumers continue to return to and rave about Beauty Bakerie. Across the brand’s website, there are several products that have consumers proudly boasting about their latest beauty buys.

21Ninety spoke with Nicole to learn more about her brand that’s committed to cosmetics and community.

Beauty Bakerie Founder Cashmere Nicole Headshot
Photo credit: Beauty Bakerie

Meet Cashmere Nicole, Founder of Beauty Bakerie

21Ninety: Tell us about your path to creating Beauty Bakerie

Cashmere Nicole: My journey began early! At 9, I had a passion for arts, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. The inception of Beauty Bakerie was an attempt to pursue a calling towards this trifecta of interests while also affording me more time with my daughter. In 2015, a regular post went viral on Instagram and it was then that I had captured the attention of the masses.

Later, I was invited out to Ulta, then Target, and so on and so forth. The appetite for the brand was global. Today, it is sold in over 2000 locations. It’s not every day you wake up and your small company takes off, but that’s what happened and it’s been amazing.

21N: How has philanthropy played a part in Beauty Bakerie and its growth?

Nicole: Philanthropy is what Beauty Bakerie truly is at its core. It’s here to serve. We can’t come into the industry of servicing others without having a heart for others. Beauty Bakerie has been intentional and thoughtful in our approach of serving our customers and letting our love flow outwardly to our global community. There is no Beauty Bakerie if we aren’t prioritizing the needs of others.

21N: What do you see for the future of Beauty Bakerie?

Nicole: We’re continuing to make the brand more accessible while offering both an online and offline experience that our customers just rave about. However, the next and best thing we’re doing is unfolding and I am excited to share it soon!

Insights From Nicole to Future Black Business Owners

21N: As we celebrate Black Business Month, what lessons have you learned as an entrepreneur that you think other Black small businesses could benefit from?

Nicole: I have a hard time answering that question. I personally think that when you’re called to do something, you need motivation to get it done. Beauty Bakerie is as natural to me as getting up, brushing my teeth and starting my day.

But, I will say that it’s important to refine your business skills so you can lead others better at the right time.

21N: What has been the hardest part about being a Black woman breaking into the beauty industry?

Nicole: As Black women we are essentially coming into yet another space that wasn’t designed with us in mind, while attempting to make space. It’s bold. It can even be called dangerous and very few are going to think of the psychological, mental and spiritual implications of it. We’re attempting to scale huge mountains with not much more than a fanny pack and the audacity to have a heart to save others, but also have to give thought to the protection you need as well. It’s a lot.

There are times I’ve wondered why this dream was so big in me, then I remember my calling and who called me. It helps me regain the inner strength needed to complete the work and mission. Nothing more. Nothing less. I know why I’m here, so I focus on that.

Give Beauty Bakerie a Try

Beauty Bakerie Mon Chéri Matte Lip Whip


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Photo Courtesy of Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie’s Mon Chéri Matte Lip Whip is one of the top products from the inventive brand. Basically, this is a matte lipstick that, once dry, stays on until you decide to wash it off. Plus, it comes in a wide range of color choices. Meaning, you don’t always have to go bold with your lip color.

Beauty Bakerie Sour Ya Doin? Eyeshadow


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Photo Courtesy of Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie’s Sour Ya Doin? Eyeshadow is a palette bursting with bold citrus-inspired colors. In fact, you get both matte and shimmer colors. All of them pigmented. They’ll consistently show up and show out.

Beauty Bakerie The Artisan Master Brush Collection


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Photo Courtesy of Beauty Bakerie

The Artisan Master Brush Collection is a creation that truly embodies Beauty Bakerie’s bakery theme. Every brush is adorned with a baking utensil. Plus, you get five in the set. These ingenious brushes let you know what to use the tool for. The blending brush, for example, is topped with a whisk.

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