Bear wandering in Little Rock, woman recording video couldn’t believe her eyes

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Bear State lived up to its name Monday as people in west Little Rock shared multiple black bear sightings.

The bear is still considered to be wandering through the area as far as the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is aware Monday evening.

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AGFC was aware of sightings in the Leawood neighborhood, South Rodney Parham Road, and Anthony School.

One video on Rodney Parham taken around noon has been watched over 50,000 times. Nichole McClinton recorded that video and said at first, she could not believe her eyes.

“I’ve seen bears. I’ve seen different animals out while I was camping when I was younger, but not in the middle of the city. So, it was like, I thought I was seeing things at first, but it is pretty much like pure shock,” McClinton said.

Her first instinct was to shut the door and grab her phone.

“He kind of stopped right here, and I was like yeah, no. I’m not getting out, I thought Momma was right behind him,” McClinton added.

Arkansas Game and Fish said they are keeping tabs on sightings. Large carnivore programs coordinator Myron Means says he can almost guarantee the bear is a boy kicked out of his mother’s den. Which happens like clockwork every April, May, and June.

“They’re not street-smart. They just end up making a wrong turn somewhere,” Means explained.

From videos he’s seen, Means believes this bear is 12-18 months old and weighs between 50-65 lbs. The agency hopes with nightfall, it will safely find its way out of town.

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AGFC will not tranquilize and relocate the bear unless it becomes trapped in a neighborhood without an easy path for escape. He says it poses no threat and should be given distance.

“The worst thing this bear could do at this point is run out in front of a car and cause an accident,” Means said.

Means says the bear is scared, hot, and likely looking for an easy meal. He advises being careful of any animal food left outside or trash left outside of a can.

McClinton said she’s watching over her shoulder now, and she’s noticed many others are watching too because her video had just over 50,000 views.

“He’s just a baby. Hope he’s somewhere safe,” McClinton concluded.

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