Bear Wallow to host third annual Country Christmas Festival

Nov. 20—Them city slickers up at the north pole think they know how to trim a tree, but they ain't seen what us down south can do!

Bear Wallow Farms has been a pretty popular tourist spot in Pulaski County during the fall season, but the workers there felt there was something missing for Pulaskians to enjoy.

"There was a need for a Christmas attraction as well," said Wesley Logsdon, Operating Manager of Bear Wallow Farm. "Felt like we could help families make memories."

Hence, Bear Wallow is holding its third annual Country Christmas Festival.

There certainly seems to be more than enough to do at Bear Wallow for the holiday season.

Hay rides are considered quintessential to the Bear Wallow experience, so riding through a tunnel of lights during Christmastime is a no-brainer.

There's also a petting zoo with live animals and tricycles for kids to ride around on. Live music is also available to get attendees in the festive mood.

This year, there's the new Bear Ridge Mountain. Kids can climb to the top and come down in inner tubes to have what Logsdon calls the unique Christmas experience.

Logsdon also notes the opportunities to take family pictures. Jolly ol' Saint Nick has been booked for family photo ops as well.

Just like the last year, there will be a sweet shop with hot chocolate and hot cider, cakes and pastries, and other foods and beverages.

Logsdon obviously hopes as many people can come to the event, and part of what he feels makes this event special is the chance to have a holiday away from the screen.

"I think Christmas is a special time of year. Bear Wallow gives people the opportunity to unwind and do something without all the hustle and bustle of electronics," said Logsdon. "The kids don't won't want tablets or the phones and all that. They'll enjoy the lights and the hay rides. Just a good way to step back and make some memories that way. Instead of having the hustle and bustle of commercial Christmas."

Added Logsdon, "We're a more of an old-school, organic country-style Christmas."

The festival will last a month in total, starting Friday, November 24 at 5 p.m. and lasting till 11 p.m. It will be held every Friday and Saturday after that until the week before Christmas, where it will run all week from 5-11 p.m. each night until the 23rd.

Tickets can be purchased on the Bear Wallow website for $15.95 or at the gate for $19.95.