Bear Named Pedals Walks on Two Legs Like a Human

...a drunk human, that is.

If you want to see a circus spectacle without going to a circus, just head on up to Oak Ridge, N.J. There, you’ll find Pedals, a bear that walks upright on his hind legs around town, as he sifts through garbage cans, Uproxx reports.

Pedals has been a resident of Oak Ridge for the last year and locals have grown to love him in that time. They call him “the neighborhood miracle” and rightfully so because he learned how to walk that way after incurring injuries and missing a paw. He’s a persistent bear, though, and over the last year he’s greatly improved his ability to walk on his back legs (just look at one of the earlier videos of him walking around town and you’ll see the difference). With that said, let’s give a toast to Pedals, the coolest bear in Oak Ridge!

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