Bear leaves town after day-long wait in CU Boulder tree

Sep. 13—A bear has left CU Boulder's campus after waiting in a tree for most of Tuesday.

Kara Van Hoose, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife representative, said CU Boulder Police and CPW and Boulder County Open Space officers waited for the bear — a 2- to- 4-year-old male — to come down from the tree before hazing it out of town by yelling at it and using air horns.

Van Hoose didn't say where the bear went. The bear was not tagged as relocation wasn't needed.

Police had reported Tuesday morning that the bear was on campus and asked the public to avoid the area near the Engineering Center and Mathematics Building, which police roped off. Van Hoose said the bear likely waited for the activity in the area to die down before coming down from the tree.

CU Boulder had a visit from a bear in July, when another male bear was tranquilized and relocated.

Bears in Colorado are currently in hyperphagia as they seek to gain weight to prepare for hibernation.

Officials said bears in hyperphagia will spend up to 20 hours a day searching out and eating as much food as possible to fatten up for winter. According to CPW, bears are looking to consume 20,000 calories a day.