Bear destroys 60 cupcakes after breaking into Connecticut bakery

A Connecticut bakery suffered some property damage after a bear-y unexpected guest made a surprise visit.

Taste by Spellbound, a bakery in Avon, encountered the furry guest on May 24, according to a Facebook post.

The bakery explained that a staff member was placing items in the shop’s loading garage when she saw a bear in the garage.

“She ran into the kitchen as fast as she could and slammed the door that goes into the loading area and held it tight,” wrote the bakery. “The bear then MOVED one of our fridges in front of the door.”

One staff member called 911 while another got in her car and beeped its horn until the bear left.

Police responded and the bakery’s landlord has been working with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, according to the Facebook post.

The bear destroyed around 60 cupcakes and a “bunch of coconut cake,” the post said.

The bakery also posted a video showing the bear wandering into the garage and emerging with what seems to be a cardboard box full of baked goods. The bear chows down on the sweets before the car comes around, triggering the bear to retreat towards the nearby dumpsters.

“No bears will be harmed,” the bakery added in the post.

“They are more scared of us than us of them,” they wrote “We all have had a good laugh about it at this point and think the bears are cute.”

Connecticut is home to an estimated 1,000 to 1,200 black bears, according to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The report says that human-bear interactions have increased as the bears’ population has also recovered.

The department encourages residents to manage their food, garbage and “other attractants” to keep bears away and to stay away from bears they encounter.

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