Beach homes evacuated after WWII era explosive found along the shore, NJ officials say

Beach home residents were ordered to evacuate after a World War II-era explosive was found along the shore, New Jersey officials said.

The 120mm projectile was discovered in Wildwood, one of the state’s most popular beaches stretching five miles and known for its boardwalk full of rides, roller coasters, restaurants and stores, police said in a news release.

A resident called authorities, saying they found the World War II munition on the beach and took it to a nearby home the morning of Nov. 27.

This prompted police and fire officials to head to the home and several properties were evacuated in the area.

Three Atlantic City Police Department Bomb Squad members arrived and the explosive was identified as a live 120mm projectile from the World War II era, according to the release.

“If you locate any munitions on the beach or anywhere else in the city, please do not touch or handle them,” police said in a statement directed to Wildwood residents and visitors.

“These munitions are dangerous and should only be handled by qualified personnel.”

The bomb squad removed the device from the home and took it back to the beach, “where it was rendered safe.”

After about two and a half hours, the evacuated residents were allowed to return home, police said.

McClatchy News reached out to police for further comment on Nov. 29 and was awaiting a response.

Wildwood is approximately 90 miles southeast of Philadelphia.

Roughly 200 miles north at a beach in Long Island, New York, an unknown device was detonated on Nov. 28, Suffolk County police said in a news release.

Detectives are investigating the explosion that left a 4-foot-wide crater in the sand that was 2 feet deep on Fox Island.

They are seeking the public’s help to identify the person in charge of a striped boat seen leaving the area when the blast went off, according to the release.

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