BBC America Orders Season 2 Of Matthew Macfadyen's Ripper Street

A still from BBC America's 'Ripper Street' -- BBC America

Matthew Macfadyen and his gang of 1880s crime solvers will be back.

On Tuesday, BBC America announced it had ordered another season of the British actor's crime procedural drama "Ripper Street."

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The second season will be made up of eight episodes and premiere in 2014 on the network. It will also move forward in the future - to the 1890s.

The show also stars "Game of Thrones" actor Jerome Flynn as Sergeant Bennet Drake, and Adam Rothenberg as Captain Homer Jackson.

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"I am enormously grateful to have been given the opportunity to return to 'H' Division once more and will be working tirelessly to ensure that those who have joined us each week will find ever more compelling crime-fighting thrills down on 'Ripper Street' the second time aroundm," creator and writer Richard Warlow said in a statement. "The series will move forward into the 1890s; the death rattle of a century coming to a close, the labor pains of a modern world on the rise. It is this sense of climax and calamity that, week by week, our heroes will confront with conviction and heroism."

Earlier this month, Matthew told (during an interview at the Television Critics Association Winter Session in Pasadena, Calif.) that he would be up for a second season - with one condition - if his character, Inspector Edmund Reid, got to continue wearing his bowler hat.

"I'd definitely keep the bowler hat, I wouldn't do it without the bowler hat," he laughed.

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"Ripper Street" Season 1 airs Saturdays at 9/8c on BBC America.

-- Jolie Lash

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