BBB warns of new ‘Phantom Tolls’ scam on the road

KSNF/KODE — The Better Business Bureau is warning folks of a new way you can fall victim to being scammed, this time while on the road.

BBB officials are urging people to look out for “phantom tolls”.

It’s a new way for scammers to impersonate toll collection services in order to take your money.

For example, if you recently went on a road trip and you expect to pay a remaining balance on toll fees, be wary of any links sent via text message.

BBB officials say this text appears to come from a state toll service, and says there’s a fee of around $12 left in the account.

It also says the fee needs to be paid immediately to avoid a $50 service fee.

The text provides a link to what appears to be a state tolls website.

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“If you’ve been traveling and you’ve been traveling in Oklahoma, and there’s even a slight chance that you think you might have forgotten to pay a toll there. They’re not going to send you a text message. They’re not going to send that to you if you don’t already use Pike Pass. They’re not going to have that information. So you can go to the Pike Pass website, you can go to the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, go to them directly to just verify if you indeed did miss paying at all,” said Pamela Hernandez, BBB Springfield Regional Director.

Hernandez says if you do receive a text, block the number, delete the text, and never engage with a phone number you don’t recognize.

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