Battles in Eastern Ukraine: National Guards of Ukraine help captured occupier

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Ukrainian soldiers remind Russians who can be called to arms due to the partial mobilisation, which has been announced by Vladimir Putin, that they only have two options in Ukraine:  either be killed or be taken prisoners.

Source: the National Guard of Ukraine on Telegram

Details: At the same time, Ukrainian defenders confirm that they have been treating the captive Russians humanely. It is reported that a unit of the National Guard has defeated a group of Russian troops on an armoured vehicle as a result of a battle near one of settlements in Eastern Ukraine. One occupier survived the fight but was injured. He has been held captive and received necessary medical assistance.

Quote: "A good and right decision for Russians is to surrender before getting killed or injured instead of giving their lives for criminal orders of their commanders. Above all, it concerns  those Russians who will be sent to the war during the partial mobilisation in the Russian Federation."

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