'Battlefield 3,' 'Portal 2,' 'Disneyland Adventures' praised for sound

AFP Relax NewsMarch 15, 2012
Mickey Mouse posing in 'Kinect Disneyland Adventures'

Battlefield 3, Portal 2, and Kinect Disneyland Adventures came away from the 10th Annual Game Audio Network Guild awards with multiple wins.

Graphical splendor and innovative controls may be all the rage, but a good game struggles to be great without a skillful mix of sound and song to accompany it.

Battlefield 3 won three awards for Audio, Sound Design and Audio Mix, and Portal 2 won in Dialogue and for its closing song "Want You Gone."

Kinect Disneyland Adventures tied with Portal 2 for Best Interactive Score and clinched Best Use of Interactive Music.

Other multiple award winners were Bastion and Star Wars: The Old Republic, while Skyrim, Infinity Blade II, L.A. Noire and Uncharted 3 were also recognized.