Batman's Plane in 'Justice League' Totally Gives Away His Secret Identity

As anyone even remotely familiar with superhero stories should know, secret identities are hard to keep. This is especially true when you straight-up advertise your name to the world, as Batman might be doing in Justice League.

On Thursday, Entertainment Weekly released concept art of Batman’s plane, the Flying Fox. And, fans were quick to note a surprising detail: Thanks to a Wayne Enterprises decal, Batman’s real name, “Wayne,” is written on the side. Gotta have brand awareness, I guess.

The Justice League Comic-Con sneak peak made it seem like a big deal when Cyborg dropped into Batman’s plane, hacked it, and said, “Relax, Alfred, I’ll take it from here.” While pretty much the entire Justice League will know Batman’s identity at this point in the film — Wonder Woman and the soon-to-return Superman learned it in Batman v Superman, and we already knew that Bruce Wayne would reveal that he was Batman to Barry Allen/The Flash when he was recruiting him — it was still a big moment, and a showcase of Cyborg’s impressive skillset. Within seconds, he was able to hack into a plane that was “password-protected” by the Batman, and determine his identity. Apparently, though, he could just as easily have read it off the side of the plane.

Concept art by Ed Natividad of the Flying Fox, Batman's plane in 'Justice League'.

Of course, this is concept art, so Batman could do a better job of keeping his identity secret in the actual film. But things aren’t looking good so far for the typically secretive Dark Knight.

Justice League will open on November 17.

Photos via Ed Natividad/Warner Bros., Warner Bros.

Written by Alex Wong

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