How bartenders know when to cut off people from drinking

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, bartenders have a responsibility to make sure that customers don’t leave bars intoxicated, as bars can be held liable for over-serving patrons. Bartenders can recognize warning signs of intoxication and limit customers’ drinking.

“Wobbly on their feet, slurred speech, sometimes people can get aggressive too,” said bartender Tammy Harvey, of Beef’s Sports Bar & Grill.

“Obviously telltale signs are just the way the person’s acting, how loud they might be, how their mannerisms are,” said David Shoemaker, co-owner of Liquid Shoes Brewing. “Our bartenders are trained to look for that stuff and to cut people off if needed.”

NYS and local law enforcement planning ahead for St. Patrick’s Day weekend

According to New York State law no person is allowed to sell alcoholic beverages to any visibly intoxicated person.

Harvey and Shoemaker both say that drinking liquor can increase your blood alcohol levels faster than having beer or wine.

Shoemaker added that, “It’s more concentrated, it’s not diluted. Beer is pretty much made up of a lot of water and you tend to drink them maybe a little bit slower, where a shot is instantly in your system and coursing through your veins quicker than anything else you can drink.”

Any bar serving alcohol to people who are visibly intoxicated can put itself at risk of losing its liquor license.

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