Banksy's latest NYC art features boy shining Ronald McDonald's shoes

Jay Busbee

Banksy's latest artwork isn't likely to end up decorating a Happy Meal box anytime soon.

The anonymous street artist, who's in the midst of a "residency" in New York City, has unveiled his latest work: a fiberglass sculpture of a scowling Ronald McDonald with his gigantic red clown shoe propped up and getting shined.

The sculpture, the 16th artwork in Banksy's "Better Out Than In" tour in the Big Apple, appeared in front of a South Bronx McDonald's on Wednesday morning. It will show up at a different McDonald's at lunchtime every day for the next week.

You can judge for yourself the meaning of this particular work, but Ronald McDonald's undisguised disgust and the poor lad's broken body language don't seem to suggest that this young fellow is loving his encounter with his favorite burger-slinging clown.

Ronald McDonald became the face of McDonald's in 1966, and as Banksy notes in an audio accompaniment, “fiberglass versions of his likeness have been installed outside restaurants ever since, thus making Ronald arguably the most sculpted figure in history after Christ.” Listen to the full audio guide right here.

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