A Bangladeshi boy was playing when he got locked in a shipping container. He woke up in Malaysia nearly a week later.

Commercial shipping containers on the port's ground waiting to be shipped in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Commercial shipping containers waiting to be shipped at the port in Chittagong, Bangladesh.MD MARUF HASSAN/Getty Images Plus
  • A Bangladeshi boy was locked in a shipping container for days, the Malaysian National News Agency said.

  • Fahim, 15, ended up in Malaysia after a six-day journey without food or water, reports said.

  • A viral video on Reddit showed a disoriented and confused Fahim emerging from the container.

A teenager from Bangladesh was accidentally locked in a container and shipped to a different country.

Fifteen-year-old Fahim, identified only by his first name, was discovered in a shipping container in West Port, Malaysia, after the ship he was on journeyed six days from Chittagong, Bangladesh, according to Malaysian National News Agency Bernama.

"The boy was just believed to have entered the container, fell asleep, and found himself here," Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said, according to the news agency. "He was the only one found in the container. A police report was lodged and as he was having a fever."

The Times of India reported that Fahim was playing hide and seek, hid in the container, and got locked inside.

On Reddit, a viral video showed the child being discovered in the container, disoriented and confused after days without food or water. The video showed authorities taking him away on a stretcher.

Ismail added that Fahim received a medical exam and that "the authorities are in the process of repatriating him through the legal channel."

Officials initially feared it may have been a case of human trafficking, according to multiple reports.

"The relevant authorities have investigated the case and their investigations found no elements of human trafficking," Ismail said, according to Bernama.

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