Bandman Kevo Proudly Flaunts Fabricated Abs And New 'White Lives Matter' Tattoo

Bandman Kevo’s months-long recovery from abdominoplasty and liposculpture is finally complete. The Chicago rapper and financial expert posted photos of his toned abs and chiseled physique on Monday. He uploaded them to Twitter while boasting about his firm and contoured abs on a floating jet ski.

“Watch what u say bout me Out of anger. Once it hit my ears You gotta stand on dat!” proclaimed the cocky rapper in the caption.

Immediately, folks on the platform dubbed him BBL Kevo.

If this didn’t seem extra enough already, soon after Kevo’s phony muscle recovery, he underwent yet another bizarre form of cosmetic treatment.

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, he took to Instagram to share he recently got a tattoo and that the process took more than a day. He quickly became a topic of conversation on several social media platforms.

The latest in his collection of outlandish tattoos features the racist words “White Lives Matter,” as well as Kanye West wearing a MAGA hat and the face of Mark Zuckerberg.

Kevo previously published pictures of his pre-surgery corrective lines and a video describing the process back in June. The rapper said that he decided to get surgery after finding it difficult to reduce belly fat via exercise. He also discovered that other famous people made the same decision and kept it on the low.

“What’s so crazy is, at first I wasn’t even with no lipo shit. I’m like, ‘man I ain’t doing that shit,” Kevo said. “Then, all my rich homies, they like, ‘man everybody do that shit, they just be low-key with it,” he proudly admitted.

He proceeded, saying he was sick of working out “a million times” and yet having a stomach that was “big as hell.” He decided to have the revision, and as a result, he dropped from 284 to 220 pounds.

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