This Baltimore wellness studio is empowering women through healing and self-care

BALTIMORE -- As we continue to celebrate women that contribute to the success and vibrancy of our community, WJZ is shining the spotlight on a local wellness studio prioritizing trauma and stress.

At Get Centered Wellness, Dr. Michelle Perry says yoga, meditation, and sound bath classes are just a few tools used to combat trauma, stress, and anxiety.

"Get Centered Wellness is personal to me too because I'm this woman. I struggle with the balance of working and being a good mom, a good daughter, and sister and friend," Dr. Michelle Perry said.

A holistic approach she applies as a clinical psychologist in healing the mind, body, and spirit.

"We're often, especially women, working women or moms, we're in the doing mode all the time whether we're working all day or thinking about dinner or taking the kids to this practice or debate or game, whatever it is, and we get to the end of the day and we are exhausted and depleted," she explained.

Dr. Perry owns the studio - that serves as an outlet of sorts.

"A lot of the work that became really important to me in my career and where I saw really powerful success was when I started to integrate the body and healing with the work I was doing with anxiety and trauma," she explained.

The studio offers Reiki, otherwise known as a non-invasive form of hands-on healing. Plus, acupuncture, which involves inserting these sterile needles into specific areas of the ear.

"As women a lot of times we struggle to take care of ourselves so 'Get Centered' became a place for us to focus on what health and wellness looks like, and it's different for every woman," Perry said. "We're not everyone's cup of tea, and we don't pretend to be, but the women that are burned out, touched out, stressed out, that give and give and give until they have nothing left, we're your people."

Perry credits her trauma and stress-informed approach in helping women reach their best selves in all spaces.

"So, seeing women own businesses and then use their own experiences to create a space birthed from their own struggles of work-life balance, I just think that's incredible, and I hope that it empowers other women," Perry said.

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